Installation Issues

  1. Failed to install template
  2. Installation from Directory
  3. 500 Internal Server error during a template installation process
  4. Cannot find Joomla XML setup file

Failed to install template

Below you will find some of the most common installation errors:

  • JFolder::create: Could not create directory
  • Unable to create destination

Check if the file / folder permission are writable?

Please check to ensure the apache web user is inside the correct folder user group and that the user group has both read and write permissions.

At times, the wrong user group could result in permission issues. Click here to read more about Permissions. If you have confirmed that the Directory Permissions are all selected as “writable”, then please check the status of the server’s disk usage to see if it is full or nearly full.

Installation from Directory

A restriction on the PHP configuration in the web server could result in errors while uploading large files in Joomla. There is a possibility that this could be due to a limit that was set by your hosting provider. For example, the upload_max_filesize could be set to the limit of 2MB. Installing from the directory or changing the upload_max_filesize parameter could remedy this issue.

Open the php.ini and edit the file. (This could require the assistance from your hosting company.) Inside, look for the following parameter: upload_max_filesize.

Edit this parameter to a value that will work for the size of the files that you want to upload. For example:

Upload_max_filesize = 32MB

Doing this would now enable you to upload files up to 32MB in size.

Note: Editing the php.ini itself may still not be enough. It’s likely that a server restart or additional steps will need to be taken. Please work with your hosting provider for the exact procedures required.

500 Internal Server error during a template installation process

There exists an execution time limit while Joomla unpacks the installation archive and this could be the source of the error. In order to fix this, you might have to change the php_value memory_limit in the .htaccess file.

To do so, open the .htaccess file in the root of the installation and add the following:

php_value memory_limit 32M

Typically, 64M will be more than enough. However, experiment with different values if you’re still experiencing problems.

Cannot find Joomla XML setup file

Are you attempting to install a template and experiencing the following error?

‘JInstaller. :Install: Cannot find Joomla XML setup file ‘ !

This error is common when you’re attempting to install a template or extension that is not compatible with the version of Joomla you are using. As all of our products are developed for the latest version of Joomla, this problem could appear in cases where you’re using an outdated version of Joomla while trying to install one of our templates. This could happen if your hosting company offered to install Joomla through the hosting panel; often it is Joomla version 1.5 and is outdated.

Additionally, another reason why the message could be appearing is that you’re trying to install a quickstart package through the Joomla extension manager. (If you’re having trouble with our quickstart packages, please click here to read how they should be installed.)

Please ensure you have the latest version of Joomla! before installing products from NorrTheme.