Not able to save parameters; Experiencing Memory Errors

Upon saving any parameter, Joomla seems to not store them or it jumps back to the administration page.

The reason for this error stems from the fact that Joomla is having problems processing the data of the parameter being sent from your browser. Please check the following:

1. It’s possible that you have very restrictive PHP settings. Edit your php.ini file, look for the following parameter and edit it: max_input_vars = 5000

You may find that you need to ask your hosting provider to enable this file or ask about the steps required to edit this file.

2. While you are uploading your files, please be sure that your system is capable of even receiving them. You’ll need to edit your php.ini and set the following parameters to a value the same as or bigger than the size you’ll need to upload. For example:


Low PHP memory. Many hosting companies will leave the PHP configuration at it’s default values and they’ll be at a minimum. Carefully check your PHP settings in the “System Information > PHP Information” administration menu and look for the “memory_limit” parameter that you’ll need to edit. We’ve found that Joomla works best with values of 128, 256, 384, or 512 MB. Open and edit the php.ini file and set the memory_limit value as follows:

Memory_limit = 256M

Not enough memory for script execution

If you happen upon the following error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ******** bytes exhausted (tried to allocate ****** bytes)

This error is due to your PHP settings needing to be properly configured. Locate and open the php.ini file in a plain-text editor and change memory_limit as it was just described in detail above.

When you’ve saved and updated your site, your Web server should now put the change into action.

Note: It may be that your hosting company will not allow access to the php.ini file. It’s a fact that some companies will not allow access to this file as well as not allowing a server restart. In order to circumvent this, try to edit the parameters via .htaccess. If no affect is taken, please consult with your hosting server support team on how to correct go about preforming this change.