How do I go about installing a Wordpress quickstart pack?

Warning! To create a quickstart we use an external plugin Akeeba Backup for Wordpress.

All new templates which are made by our club usually feature a WordPress QuickStart, which is, basically, a complete copy of NorrTheme demo site with all of its extensions and demo content, except some images, which are replaced with placeholders dew to licensing conflicts. In this tutorial you will learn how to install and begin using such a package.

Step 1. Downloading a package

When you found a package you’d like to use as a basement for your website, proceed to download area. Choose the template you want, and then click on Download button at the front-end of WordPress Demo Package.

Step 2. Uploading a package to server

There are two ways of uploading a package to a server: via cPanel or via FTP, with first one being more preferable since uploading extracted files via FTP client can potentially cause permission issues. Unfortunately, not all servers have cPanel installed, so we include both installation ways to this tutorial.

Uploading via cPanel is the fastest and safest way of uploading a QuickStart package. Just remember, that after uploading itself is finished, you should unpack it by pressing respective cPanel button.

Uploading via FTP-client

If your hosting provider does not have a cPanel or any other file manager with ZIP extractor installed, you will have to switch to the FTP client. Unpack a QuickStart package to your local hard drive and upload its contents to your server via FTP. If you are experiencing any issues with files and folders permissions, you should contact your provider.

Uploading via FTP-client

Step 3. Installation procedure

To start the installation you should open URL. Please note that you should open this URL even your home page has opened successfully.

At the first step a Quickstart will check the settings of your server and if they are compatible with minimal requirements you will be able to click on the “Next” button. If no please contact your hosting provider and make sure that the server is set up correctly.

WordPress Web Installer Step 1

At the next step you should enter your database credentials in which you want to install a quickstart sample data.

WordPress Web Installer Step 2

Now you should enter the information about the site name, address and also choose the preferable administrator’s login, enter the password and e-mail. When you are done, click on the “Next” button.

WordPress Web Installer Step 3

On the Replace data screen a demo URL will be changed to yours. This step is necessary, so just click on the “Next” button.

WordPress Web Installer Step 4

Installation is done. Now click on the “Remove the installation directory” button to clear all temporary files and to remove the installation directory.

Congratulations! You have just installed a Quickstart!