Membership Questions — Ask us

After joining, what am I eligible to download?

If you have a free membership, then you are restricted only to free template downloads.

Paid memberships will grant extra features and permissions such as the ability to download items that are required to set up a theme within minutes; or items that allow you to customize a template to better suit your needs. Paid memberships will also allow for total access to premium templates, quickstart and .PSD source files. Paid memberships will also be allowed access to support forums.

May I request a refund?

Yes. We have a 7-day money-back policy from the date of your subscription. During this time, you will be able to use any of our products, templates or extensions, and, as such, will allow you ample time to decide if you would like a refund or not.

A refund can be denied in the instance of abuse. (For example: behavior such as an unusually high download rate within the 7 day period.)

Are new templates added regularly?

We strive to produce one template per a month.

How do I go about registering domains and then applying legal use of the templates I’ve downloaded?

Firstly, each member of NorrTheme is required to register any and all domains where they wish to use our themes. When creating a domain, whether it is your own personal domain or for a client, you must register it in the “Domain Manager” section in order for it to be considered legal.

After you have logged in to the website, go to “My Account” and then select “Manage Your Domains”. Here is where you’ll insert the domain name which you want to use. You can check your domains and if they are registered on our website at the following link:

May I share my membership account with somebody else?

Seeing as that we’ve already developed a very fair and incredible pricing structure, we will not allow for any shared membership plans. You are not allowed to transfer, assign, sub-license, or share your account details with anybody else at any point in time. Our system allows for just 3 different IP addresses per account for logging in purposes. If any type of account abuse is suspected, you’ll receive an automatic suspension of your account while all details are investigated.

Am I allowed to use NorrTheme templates and themes for my client or other 3rd party websites?

Absolutely! Any purchases of our NorrTheme templates through any of our subscription plans fully entitle you to use them for your clients’ websites. Simply ensure you’ve registered on our website and keep track of how many sites you may use the theme on (based on your membership plan), and you’re good to go!

My subscription has expired, but I want to continue using the template on my site!

No problem at all! Any templates you have accessed and downloaded during your membership period are yours to use for as long as you want to use them. Keep in mind that you’re still only allowed to use the templates on the number of sites allowed per the membership you paid for.

Does my NorrTheme membership renew itself automatically?

No. Your membership will not automatically renew itself. You will receive a notification via the e-mail account you provided when registering your account prior to your membership expiring. This will allow you to be aware that you need to renew your membership.

Technical Questions — Ask us

My hosting provider already has Joomla running, so how can I use the quickstart packages?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for quickstart packages to be installed where preexisting Joomla installations are already running. In order to use the quickstart packages, you’ll need to remove the existing installation and make a clean installation of the quickstart installer.

May I remove the copyright information from the footer in the theme?

Yes. You are absolutely able to remove the NorrTheme copyright information or logo from the footer on the front-end of the website. The copyright information in the source code must remain untouched, however.

You are not permitted to remove any copyright information contained within the "index.php" or XML files found in premium templates. If the copyright notice needs to be removed, then you must have a "Developer Membership" on the website.

Note that .PSD files are also included as part of some commercial templates.

Do you provide for the source files for images used?

Whether or not we provide the source files depends entirely on the theme and the graphic source license.

We do provide fully customizable and editable image source files in .PSD format that contain all of the graphical parts found in the theme if the event that it is allowed by the original license of the graphic creator.

If, however, the creator of the graphic has forbidden such use in their license, we will not provide graphical sources.

QuickStart Packages – what are they?

Quickstart packages are essentially just complete Joomla installations that were personalized and connected to the given template that you’re currently trying to install. The .ZIP file will contain the entire Joomla installation, to include any and all of the other extensions that were used on our demo site. Quickstart packages also have personalized sample data according to the template and it’s different from default Joomla packaging. If you already have a preexisting Joomla installation running, you will not be able to utilize the quickstart packages with the sample data. You’ll also need to install the template and any extra extensions connected to the download independently.

An exact step-by-step QuickStart installation tutorial can be found here.

Is RTL (right to left) language support provided for your themes and templates?

Yes! All of our themes based on Warp 7 have full support for RTL languages. If you’d like to see if the theme you want has RTL language support, check “Theme Feature” overviews.

Which version(s) are your CMS themes created for?

All of the themes here at NorrTheme are based on the Warp 7 framework and are native for the most up-to-date version of the CMS at the current time it is released. Currently, Joomla 2.5, 3.1, and WordPress 3.5 are supported.

Support questions — Ask us

Is NorrTheme able to provide any type of customization service?

At this point in time, we regrettably must state that we don’t provide any type of customization services for any of our products.

However, we’d like to note that some of our clients have taken some of our modules and have customized them and sell them. They also would provide customization services. You can contact them at forums section Paid Work request.

How do I provide my access data for my website?
Should you experience a technical issue, we may need to access the data of your installation on your server via FTP. If this is the case, please provide the necessary information by sending a message to one of our assigned moderators. To do this, choose “New Message” from the top bar of the forum page after logging in. You’ll be brought to the message composition page where you can insert the necessary information.
How should I prepare my post to get quick help?

To help us help you, we ask that you structure your posts in the following manner:

  • Detailed description of the problem(s) you’re experiencing.
  • Working link to your website, where the problem exists. (Extremely important for getting help quickly.)
  • The version of Joomla you’re using.
  • If you’re having issues with a module, component, or template script, please include the PHP and MySQL version you’re using.
How may I receive support for NorrTheme products?

When you are a member of the NorrTheme website, you’ll have been granted access to our forums where you can post about any problem you may be experiencing. In this way, you’ll receive all the support you need to help solve your issues.

It should also be noted that we do have an ever-growing and extensive F.A.Q. that you can utilize to see if any of the issues you’re experiencing have already been solved.