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I bought your quick installation package for light blog on joomla. My vfersion joomla is 3.8.3, my php version is 7.0 and my sql is 5.5. My URL is www.excellence-club.fr . I installed via ftp your package, and i have a blank page when i write the url, and the installation page appears. Blank ! For a paid package I think it's a real problem !!!! Thanks to resolve that please or give me my money back.
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    Friday, December 15 2017, 12:17 PM - #Permalink
    Hello Benoit,
    It is interesting... We have no paid products at NorrTheme site at the moment, so you technically are not able to buy anything here.
    I suppose you have mistaken. :-)

    What product are you attempting to install?

    If you are trying to install a quickstart of free Ixion template, I would recommend you to temporary switch PHP to version 5.6, then update Joomla to its latest version and then switch PHP to version 7.0 back again.

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