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Are you thinking of creating a business website or thinking that you need to expand your existing site to help your business grow bigger? Well, here are the top five reasons why you should select SiteGround, a web hosting company that will sustain all of your needs. A large and impressively designed website is nothing without a competent and knowledgeable web hosting service. You’ll need a hosting company that can handle the large amounts of data and visitors that your site will experience.

As you’ve come to understand through doing research about hosting companies, there is more to it than simply having “fast servers”. Here are the most important reasons why people stick with SiteGround.

Top six reasons to choose SiteGround - best & secure hosting for Joomla

Website high performance and speed up

With the help of innovative technology, constant optimization and up-to-date server software, SiteGround provides for your website the very best performance available! Your website pages will load up to 6 times faster with new technologies like PHP 5.5, PageSpeed, nginx and FastCGI!

Data-centers in three continents

Closest server power your website, which helps to reduce negative impacts of a page loading speed and provide great connectivity with minimum connection delay. SiteGround have data-centers in Amsterdam, Chicago and Singapore and cover three continents which is strategically important. Whenever you're located in, you may choose geographically closest server and satisfy the result.

High-end security for websites

SiteGround is using special technology that keep all accounts isolated from each other which prevent potential affecting of vulnerable website to other accounts. All servers are always maintained and configured perfect with OS and server software that is always that keeps websites in much secure way and guarantee safety on server side.

Favorable price offer

Taking into account all the features, SiteGround Hosting offers more value than leading competitors. Sometimes that sticker price has more to it and you should take the time to consider the things that actually really matter: quality, uptime, and support. The price on hosting plans start at just 3.95 € per month and it's really favourable offer for great quality and support.

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Make sure of servers real uptime! Innovative approach of the system administrating team that 100% dedicated themselves to servers combining with downtime prevention software guarantee a real 99.9% monthly and yearly uptime.

Hosting that never closes

Literally, their lights are always on. SiteGround is the real-world definition of a 24/7/365 company with experienced team and several support departments that ready to help you in any time. They offer 24/7 support via telephone, live chat and tickets.

Web hosting plans start at just 3.95 € / month. Get started now with SiteGround!