License of Proprietary Use

Important Licensing Information

There are instances where products built for CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla will contain and be using PHP code that falls under the GNU General Public License (GPL) 3.0; you may click the following link to learn more details about the GPL if you’re unfamiliar with it:

Keep in mind that the GPL only covers PHP files. All JavasScript, CSS, and images will not be published under the GPL. With that, these files will be accessed directly by the web browser without any need for a CMS processing system because all of the aforementioned files will run independently. It should therefore be clear that the files noted above are not covered in any way under the GPL, but are in fact released under the NorrTheme Proprietary Use License.

All PHP code found within NorrTheme products are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. (Please see the following link to see a copy of the GPL: All NorrTheme images and CSS files, whether or not they belong to a template, are copyrighted NorrTheme material and are therefore not licensed under the GPL. Unless specifically noted, these items are wholly released under the NorrTheme Proprietary License as found below and, as such, are not able to be re-released, redistributed, or repackaged in any way for any use other than those described in the membership Terms of Use without explicit permission from NorrTheme.

NorrTheme Proprietary Use License (v1.0)

The NorrTheme Proprietary Use License is a GPL compatible license that pertains to images and CSS (cascading-style-sheets) files of NorrTheme themes, templates, and any WordPress, Joomla, etc., styles that are subsequently produced by NorrTheme. As it is defined in the GPL v3.0 license, elements of products that work independently from GPL license and are processed by the browser are not covered by the GPL. The images, CSS, and JavaScript elements of NorrTheme products are copyrighted by NorrTheme and can be used only to meet whatever needs you or your client may have. With that said, you are not allowed to redistribute any files as if they are your own. You also may not include any NorrTheme files in an extension or package of your own worked without previously acquiring express written permission from NorrTheme.

Keep in mind that all elements and products of NorrTheme are bound to the type of membership you’ve decided upon in conjunction with restrictions of distribution outlined by the Terms of Use.

The NorrTheme Proprietary Use License grants you permission to use NorrTheme products to meet whatever purpose you may need; they could also be used as a study aid to see how they work, or they may even be adapted in cases to better meet your needs. This information illustrates that none of the NorrTheme products are encrypted, however, it must be stated again that this does not indicate any type of permission for you to redistribute or reuse these products in either unmodified or modified states without first getting express consent from NorrTheme.

The right to use any of these products published under The NorrTheme Proprietary Use License is further defined under the NorrTheme Club Terms of Use.