Privacy Policy

  1. General Information
  2. Information Collection and its Use
  3. Information for Credit Card Use
  4. Links to Other Websites
  5. Newsletters
  6. Cookies: Why and How We Use Them
  7. Additional Information
  8. Changes to Privacy Policy

1. General Information

The NorrTheme Extension Club (“NorrTheme”) and NorrBits s.r.o. take your security and privacy extremely serious and understand that it is a concern for you to share information with us through our website: (the “Website”). We feel that our users would appreciate information as to how we gather, maintain, and ultimately use your information so that you have a good understanding as to the practices of NorrTheme. Within the Privacy Statement you’re currently reading, you’ll become aware of all information collection practices taken by NorrTheme, as well as the choices you’ll have as to exactly how we’ll collect and use the information you’ve provide, and how you can contact us.

By using any part of our Website or any product or service of NorrTheme, you explicitly state that you agree to the use and disclosure of information as outlined in the NorrTheme Privacy Policy.


2. Information Collection and its Use

At any time during information requests, you have the option of deciding to not provide personal information. Keep in mind that if you do not wish to provide any personal information when requested, a completed order and transaction will not be able to be made.

NorrTheme products and extensions are not allowed for sale to children aged 13 and under. NorrTheme does not knowingly participate in the act of collecting, using, or maintaining Prospect Information or Personal Information from children aged 13 or under.

If you are 13 years old or under, please do not ever share any kind of personal information with NorrTheme.

Personal or Prospect information that you’ve given may be disclosed or used by NorrTheme in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In addition to the uses outlined in this Privacy Policy, your information could be used for any purposes relating to order fulfillment, product surveys, Website maintenance, administration, account, billing and audits, informational system management or other similar uses.

Your information could also be used to help our current or future potential customers learn more about NorrTheme products and services.

Understand that NorrTheme will never sell, share, or rent information that would allow you to be identified for marketing purposes. The only exception to this case would be when we will product you products and services that you, yourself, have explicitly requested and have given the required permission.

Aside from the above listed reasons, below list more instances where we may share your information:

General information you’ve provided could be shared with trusted partners that work with, or on behalf of NorrTheme under strict agreements of confidentiality. General information could also be used to help allow us communicate offers from NorrTheme itself, or any of our marketing partners.

Under no circumstance and in no agreement does any independent right exist for our partners to share your general information at any time. Any offers that you may receive will come with a URL included and an attached e-mail address where you will be able to cancel or unsubscribe from any future contact.

3. Information for Credit Card Use

In the event that you are using a credit card to make your purchase on our Website, the name, expiration date, and billing address as it appears on the card will be encrypted as it passes through the Internet to the payment system.

No record of your name and billing information will be kept by NorrTheme during or after the transaction. NorrTheme will simply pass the information so that it may be processed by the contracted processing vendor 2Checkout.

NorrTheme is able to access the information through 2Checkout; but this will only be done in the event that requires NorrTheme action. These circumstances could be: a payment adjustment, a refund, non-payment or payments being disputed, or in the case where it is legally required by NorrTheme to comply to the applicable law with discretion.

inks that will navigate you to other like sites do exist on the NorrTheme Website. Be aware and understand that NorrTheme are not at all to be responsible for the privacy practices of the other websites. We’d highly recommend that you remain conscious of which sites you are visiting and that to be aware when and if you have navigated away from the NorrTheme Website. We’d also suggest for you to become familiar with the privacy practices of each website that you’ll be submitting personal information to. The text contained with this Privacy Policy refers to and is applicable only to the NorrTheme Website.

5. Newsletters

From time to time we may send out pieces of information that detail our products and services that we feel could be a strong interest for you. You can expect and understand that only NorrTheme or its agents will be contacting you directly. Of course, agents working on behalf of NorrTheme will adhere strictly to confidentially agreements.

You may choose to opt out of receiving direct mailings from NorrTheme at any time by simply specifying you do not wish to receive them in the future by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There is also the option to opt out of direct mailings during the registration process.

You can change or update your preferences in your account at any time you wish.

6. Cookies: Why and How We Use Them

You will find our reasons and uses for utilizing cookies in the following text below. It is important to note that there is no industry standard option that allows you to completely disable cookies without crippling functionality and features that we’ve added to the NorrTheme Website. It is recommended that you leave your settings untouched and cookies enabled, especially if you’re not entirely sure whether or not you’ll need them. This will also be beneficial in the event that you do need to use cookies for a service that you want to, or are currently using.

How may I turn off cookies?

Your cookie settings can be changed and modified through the options sections in the browser you’re currently using. If you are sure as to how to do this, you can look at the “Help” area in the browser you’re using. We remind you that should you disable cookies, you’ll be drastically affecting the functionality of NorrTheme as well as the many other sites you visit. A complete disabling of cookies will result in important features of this Website not working correctly or not working at all. With that, it’s recommended that you leave cookies enabled for the time you use the NorrTheme Website.

How do you use cookies on the NorrTheme Website?

We utilize cookies in many ways. It’s possible that many of the ways cookies are used will be a surprise to you and we hope that after we explain why we use them and why they are needed, you’ll agree that it’s better to leave your settings enabled when visiting our NorrTheme Website.

Cookies will be utilized during the account registration process. They’ll be used for sign-up management and for general administration purposes. Upon a successful user log out, these cookies are typically deleted. There are cases, however, where cookies will be saved for your convenience so that you do not have to change the site or your account to meet your preferences each time.

Cookies will always be used when you have logged onto the Website. This will allow you to remain logged into the website and will not force you to log in again and again when you’re visiting different pages on the Website. These cookies are typically cleared and removed when you’ve logged out off the Website to ensure that you’re only able to access restricted features while logged into your account.

Cookies may also be used to remember if you have opted to receive our newsletters or various e-mail subscriptions. Should a newsletter be sent out, it will be useful for the cookies to look for subscribed members, ensuring that only the ones who have subscribed will receive the content.

Our Website also provides e-commerce and payment tool options. Cookies are essential in assuring proper functionality when processing your order and for remembering your order between pages by the system.

Anytime you submit data through a comments or contact form, cookies may be set in order to remember the details you’ve set so that you are not required to enter the same information multiple times in the future.

Do you use Third Party Cookies?

Indeed, there may be cases that come up where trusted third party cookies are needed. We’ve detailed in the text below the times when you’ll be most likely to come into contact with third party cookies.

Google Analytics are unutilized on the NorrTheme Website. Google Analytics are an extremely popular and widespread analytics method that is very highly trusted around the world. We use them in order to help us better understand how you are using our website and in which ways we can refine the Website to better your experience. Typical activity of these cookies may be: tracking the duration if time you’ve spent on a particular page on our Website as well as which pages you’re looking at most often. You may read more about the Google Analytics system on their official website.

Every now and again, we may need to test new features and make small modification to the NorrTheme website. While we are in the middle of these tests, we may implement cookies that help ensure you’ll enjoy a consistent and pleasant experience while you’re on the site during these times. These cookies will also help us better understand which optimizations our users tend to appreciate and which they do not.

On the Website, you’ll come to see that many of our partners advertise on our behalf and that our affiliate tracking cookies will only allow for us to see if our customers have come to find our website through one of our partners. If this is the case, the tracking cookies will allow us to correctly credit the correct partner and provide any additional bonuses that could potentially have been offered to you for making a purchase at NorrTheme.

7. Additional Information

It always remains in your hands to decide whether or not you wish to accept or decline any use of cookies. The most popular Internet browsers will be set to automatically accept cookies. However, you are able to modify these settings in the options settings of your browser. Just keep in mind that disabling cookies could result in websites not functioning correctly and you’ll be unable to take advantage of the many features on the NorrTheme Website.

We sincerely hope that all of the information included in this Privacy Policy has been helpful and that we were able to clarify cookies work and why we use them. If you’re still unsure as to whether or not you need cookies, it’s typically safe to leave them enabled.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

8. Changes to Privacy Policy

NorrTheme reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time periodically in the future and it is recommended that you review it often for any changes. In the event of significant changes in regards to how your personal information is handled, we will contact you at the e-mail address you provided during registration.

We may also indicate a change in policy by the placement of a notice on our Website.

VERSION 1.1. Revised on May 1, 2022