NorrTheme Terms of Use

Revised on May 1, 2022

  1. Membership
  2. Ownership and Product License
  3. Delivery of Product
  4. Support
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Refund Policy
  7. Support and Solutions
  8. Warranty
  9. Terms and Conditions
  10. Legal Details
  11. Disclaimer

Please take time to fully read and understand the following Terms of Use before you decide to register, download, or utilize any of the templates or extensions on NorrTheme for any of your projects. Make sure that you agree and understand all terms explained below. A registration that is submitted to NorrTheme indicates that you have read, understood, and ultimately agreed to adhere to the NorrTheme Terms of Use.

All content of the NorrTheme website, be it graphical or editorial, is under the protection of the European (E.U.) copyright, international treaties, and other applicable copyright laws. This effectively means that at no time may content of NorrTheme be copied without the express written consent of NorrTheme. Any use of NorrTheme content without express written permission is strictly prohibited.


1. Membership

All NorrTheme memberships are affected by the Terms of Use; to include also theme memberships. In accordance with the following terms and conditions, non-exclusive limited licenses will be granted for your use with products sold on the NorrTheme website.

1.1. NorrTheme Templates

NorrTheme commercial templates maybe used on as many of your websites as your membership entitlements state and provide for. Upon membership expiration, you will continue to be able to use templates which you have paid for and which your entitlements allow for; but you will not be able to receive any further support or download future updates until you renew your NorrTheme membership.

The “Developer Membership” will allow for unlimited implementation of templates that are able to be found on the NorrTheme Website; so long as they are being used in accordance of the Terms of Use.

2. Ownership and Product License

2.1. Product License

All commercial templates to be found on NorrTheme are placed under the NorrTheme Proprietary Use License. Any and all JavaScript/PHP sections of templates and are then licensed under the appropriate GPL v3.0 of the parent platform. Portions that are non-compiled, to include CSS style sheets and images of “Club” templates are copy written to NorrTheme and that is in accordance with the whole of the NorrTheme Proprietary Use License. Templates that are free of charge will be released with all parts under the GPL v3.0 or other free license.

2.2. Ownership

No claims of intellectual or exclusive ownership may be made with any of the NorrTheme products. Extensions, templates, documents, etc., be they unmodified or modified are exclusive property of NorrTheme.

Free template ownership falls on to the person or persons that created the original .PSD source and/or the CSS/HTML layout. These templates will be placed and distributed under their licenses. NorrTheme does not take any claim of ownership to free .PSD files or other free sources which free templates have been developed from. Their copyrights can be found in the template description. In the event that a free template has been completely developed by NorrTheme (to include the design, layout, documentation, etc.) then ownership will fall clearly to NorrTheme Club.

NorrTheme products are provided to you as “as is” and without a stated warranty of any kind, neither expressed nor implied. At no time will NorrTheme be liable for damages incurred from the use, or misuse, or NorrTheme products. This includes, but may not be limited to: direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or other losses that could arise.

2.3. Unauthorized Use

NorrTheme commercial templates, changed or unchanged, may not be put on any removable storage device, website, or any other medium where you’ll then try to offer them for re-sale or redistribution without prior written consent from NorrTheme. You may not assign, transfer, or sub-license your membership account at NorrTheme to anybody else.

If stated as forbidden by the author, you may not sub-license, place, or sell any free templates. If you’re unsure as to the permissions of the template you’re using, seek out it’s documentation that was included with the file.

2.4. Unlimited Licenses

You are allowed to use NorrTheme products in all of your projects if your membership grants you unlimited licenses. This still does not grant you the right to redistribute the NorrTheme product you’re using in any way, shape, or form. If you are selling a client service through the use of a NorrTheme product, then permission will be granted because you are not selling the product itself. If you’d like to keep using our products on future projects, you’ll need to maintain a membership by renewing membership when it has expired.

2.5. Modifications

All changes and/or modifications that you need to make in order to meet your needs are allowed. However, keep in mind that this does not allow for you to remove any copyright information that is found within the source code of our product. This also means that the XML description file, CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript contained in the files distributed with our products also cannot be changed or removed. Visual copyrights, however, can be removed.

You’re not permitted to redistribute or resell any changes or modifications, no matter how big or small, as a new GPL or other license. It’s absolutely not permitted to port NorrTheme products or templates included in our extensions to any other platform or other content management systems.

2.6. Content Use

You will from here on acknowledge that the NorrTheme site contains, or could contain material (“Content”) which is to be protected by copyright, trademark, or other various proprietary rights. You are therefore only permitted to use the products in the expressed descriptions and authorizations written by NorrTheme.

You cannot transfer, sell, create derivative works from, reproduce, distribute (in part or in whole), or exploit NorrTheme Content in any form without the express written consent from the developer(s).

Any Content that is used in our demonstrations or NorrTheme quick-starts are for demonstrative purposes only and should not be used in any live setting without first seeking the permission of NorrTheme or the developer(s) of the content.

2.7. Not for Profit

Any website that declares itself as a non-profit website must therefore be registered as a legal organization in the country of origin. Sites that do not meet this requirement will not be considered to be non-profit by NorrTheme. A “Developer Membership” is not required to be purchased by non-profit websites and may take advantage of any of the paid memberships. Please submit following Non-Profit Organisation form to confirm non-profit status.

3. Delivery of Product

3.1. Payment Methods

All extension and product purchases will be made through our 2CO payment system, Inc. provides all secure online payments.  All major credit and debit cards are supported; as well as PayPal.  For more information, please read the information provided at this link.

3.2. Free Products

Our free product stocks are available for download completely free of charge. With that, we do track all downloads and may ask for your e-mail address to further support and care for downloaded products.

3.3. Commercial Products

Upon successful payment, your membership information will be e-mailed to the address that you provided during the payment process. This could be immediate or take anywhere up to one (1) hour. Typically, this will be completed within a few minutes. Should you not receive an e-mail during this timeframe, please contact us via our Website. Upon registration and a successful log-in, NorrTheme Club members will be able to access all club templates and forums instantly.

4. Support

We only provide support for NorrTheme products in our support forum in the member area of the website. Support is not conducted or offered via e-mail!

We will offer support for templates that fall into the timeframe of “right now” to “12 months ago”. This decision is made due to the fact that it is just impossible to provide support for all templates and products all the time. Support in such a fashion cannot be afforded due to new templates being released all the time. We’d therefore wish to put emphasis on the newest products within a certain timeframe. We do this not

4.1. Product Support for Paid Memberships

Free and full support is offered in regards to commercial templates and extensions. If you are a paid subscriber, then you are guaranteed the level of support as per the type of membership plan you’ve decided upon.

Free Membership Support

Sadly, we cannot offer any support for the free templates or products that are free on the NorrTheme website for members that only have a free subscription plan. However, we do encourage you to get into contact with the NorrTheme community, as members there will be able to help with installation and other aspects of our products. NorrTheme Club will do its best to answer your questions to the best of our abilities. We must state clearly, though, that our dedicated support service is provided for members who have a paid subscription.

4.3. Response Time

We are committed to offering quick customer support. In very rare cases, it could be up to 3 business days before you receive a response.
NorrTheme states the right to cancel or limit its support in any of the following situations:

  • Clients exhibit poor and unreasonable behavior, including insults and profanity.
  • Repeating server issues that can’t be or should not be resolved by NorrTheme Support.
  • Additional help and details cannot be provided if client has uncooperative behavior.

5. Privacy Policy

Any and all of the information submitted by a buyer will be used only for the purpose of completing the transaction, delivery of the product, and to inform about new product releases. Please navigate here to see our full Privacy Policy Statement.

6. Refund Policy

All purchased you make at NorrTheme will be made with a "7 Day No Questions Asked" refund policy. We are so confident that you'll get what you need from our products that should you not be satisfied with something within 7 days of the original purchase date, you may ask for a refund. To read the complete details of how to submit for a refund, please go to our full Refund Policy Statement page.

7. Support and Solutions

Experiencing some problems with our products? Follow these tips to maximize your help!

8. Warranty

NorrTheme does not offer any warranty or guarantees, expressed or implied, with our products in any way, shape, or form. Compatibility with browsers should be tested by viewing our demonstration installations on our demo websites. Please ensure that your browser is functional and compatible with the template design before purchasing. We’re unable to guarantee that NorrTheme products will work with third-party extensions, so please consider and be aware of that.

We do guarantee that our themes will work with the current version of Joomla – whatever version that may be at the time. We cannot guarantee that our themes will work with future versions, however. Our practice will be such that NorrTheme products will always be developed for the most current version of Joomla and therefore, cannot guarantee how long older Joomla versions will be supported. This decision has solely been made by NorrTheme.

NorrTheme also can’t guarantee that our templates will work with or function on third-party Joomla extensions except for the ones that were indicated in the documentation that was provided with the template.

When your membership expires, you’re no longer going to be able to access any support forums or receive product updates.

Content and images shown on NorrTheme demonstration sites are for presentation purposes only. Demo sites are only intended to show what a live website can look like and do not make any claim to the validity of non-NorrTheme content, posts published, or images. Often the stock photography found on the demo sites have been purchased from stock photography websites where the author has already given permission for the photos to be used. Stock photos are not included with any template or theme from NorrTheme. They are also not included within any NorrTheme membership plan.

9. Terms and Conditions

NorrTheme has the right to change and/or modify the Terms of Use at any point in the future as it seems fit with or without notification. In addition, NorrTheme reserves the right to modify, change, or completely discontinue any portion of its membership. NorrTheme will not be held responsible or liable in any way by you or any third party if NorrTheme decides to exercise its right to change, modify, limit, suspend, or completely discontinue any feature of membership.

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11. Disclaimer

NorrTheme and NorrBits, s.r.o. is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project in any way or manner.

While the NorrTheme website is available “as is”, every precaution and step has been taken to ensure that the Website contains up-to-date and accurate information that is reliable. No warranties or any type of representations are made in connection with accuracy, reliability, suitability, availability, or completeness as it pertains to information, products, services, or any related graphics that are on the NorrTheme website. You understand that it is by your own risk that you place any reliance upon the information you find on the NorrTheme website.

There is no indication that at any time should you ever consider information on the NorrTheme website to be a professional consultation.

Should damages being incurred due to the use or misuse of products, NorrTheme will not be found liable or held responsible. This can include but certainly is not limited to: indirect, consequential or special damages of any kind; any damages whatsoever including without limitation: those resulting from loss of profit, contract loss, income, information, goodwill, data, or anticipated savings or business relationships, whether or not advised of the possibility of such damage, arising out of or in connection with the use of this website or any linked websites.

You are able to link to the other websites that are on the NorrTheme website as they are not under NorrTheme control. We cannot guarantee the content of such sites, however. Any website that is linked on the NorrTheme website does not imply any kind of endorsement of any view or statement that is made on said website.

Every effort is made and will continue to be made in the future in order to ensure that our website remains online, running smoothly, and fully functional. Understand that no responsibilities will be assumed by NorrTheme, nor are we to be liable for any possible reason should the website become unavailable at any time due to technical issues that are outside of NorrTheme control.